Hare masks for Seedlip

CostumeClea BroadComment

This May the Seedlip marketing team took to the streets once more to promote Garden 108, handing out free samples. They asked me to make more hare masks (the hare features on the label), and I created this revised version for them. Once again the copper detailing and moss remained as alongside the colour palette it is reflective of the branding.

Veganuary at Pizza Express

Floral Styling, Styling, PressClea BroadComment

I worked with my client, Lucre PR, to style this 2019 Veganuary press event for Pizza Express to highlight all the vegan options on the restaurant chain’s menu. My brief was floral and prop styling that felt contemporary and fresh and inline with the idea of modern vegan living. I used seasonal Spring flowers and vases in palette of pastel colours, balanced with greys. I also used lots of foliage to keep it looking fresh and preventing it from straying into wedding territory.

Masks for Seedlip

CostumeClea BroadComment

Seedlip, the producers of premium distilled non alcoholic drinks, is a brand I have worked with on other creative projects. This latest project has been to design and make fox and hare masks, using their brand colours, copper wire (to represent the copper foiling on their packaging) and natural materials, to reflect the brand's roots.