Pizza Express’ christmas menu press event

Christmas Styling, Press, StylingClea BroadComment

For the Pizza Express Christmas menu press launch I was set the task by Lucre PR to transform the Covent Garden restaurant into a golden winter wonderland, no mean feat in the middle of a London heatwave in July.

I chose a gold and red palette to compliment the decor and made sure there were plenty of trees, garlands, berries, gold decorations and lights. Small touches such as contemporary gold post of basil, a nod to Italian cuisine, replaced more traditional table decorations, and even the picture frames, mirrors and chandeliers were dripping with stars, foliage, berries and lights. . I created a stage area for the live musician with a gold star and light curtain, and festooned the low ceilings with more gold stars to create a twinkling canopy overhead.