Fresh floral fashion tutorial: Rodarte inspired orchid earrings

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Clea Broad/Hunter Rae

These earrings are really quick and easy to make and need very little in the way of materials and equipment.  The earring findings themselves cost less than a pound, and the beauty of this tutorial is that you can treat yourself to a gorgeous potted orchid in the name of fashion and decorate your home at the same time. 

This project is inspired by the fresh flower jewellery at the Rodarte Fall 2016 catwalk show. Los Angeles based florist Joseph Free customised the Rodarte fine jewellery with fresh orchids including phalaenopsis and oncidiums . It is such a beautiful, romantic yet contemporary idea, and at Christmas time would look as amazing with a cosy jumper as it would with a glamorous party dress. 

What you'll need: 

  • A couple of orchid heads (I've used Phalaenopsis heads from a potted orchid)

  • 2 Gold plated plain ear wires with loop (this is the bit that goes through your earring hole).

  • 2 gold plated 40mm ear hoops (this is the bit that the orchid will be attached to).

  • Sharp scissors

  • Small long nosed pliers

Clea Broad / Hunter Rae

Step 1: 

  • Choose 2 nice orchid heads, small enough to sit the hole of the hoop.

  • Neatly snip the orchid head close to the back of the flower.

Clea Broad / Hunter Rae

step 2:

  • Open up the 40mm earring hoop (as in the picture above).

  • Use your pliers to open the small loop on the hook enough to put the hoop hole through it.

  • Use your pliers to re-close the small loop on the hook.

  • Now, whilst holding the small loop in the pliers, gently twist the loop 45 degrees. This is so the finished hoops will sit parallel with your cheek.

  • Take one of your orchid heads and very carefully use the hoop to pierce through the flower's 'mouth' making sure the orchid is facing forwards.

  • Carefully close up the open hoop.

N.B step 2 is actually very easy and should take less than a minute. All the talk of loops, hooks and hoops may make it sound harder than it is. Please keep referring to the 1st picture of my finished hoops to check your earrings against mine. 


  • Feel free to substitute the gold plated jewellery findings for silver plated ones.

  • I bought the gold hoops and hooks from Beadworks in Covent Garden, London, which is a wonderful shop full of jewellery making materials and equipment.

  • You can have matching earrings or mix it up and wear odd colours, this sort of asymmetry was big on the Rodarte catwalk.

  • The orchids on these earrings should last at least a couple of days if your orchid heads are nice and healthy to begin with. Mine lasted around 4 days before they started to wilt.

  • You can of course re-use the earrings again, which will mean an even quicker project the next time. On the same note, you can make the earrings in advance and simply add your flowers on the day to save time.

Floral Fashion: Clea Broad

Photography: Hunter Rae Photography

Styling: Andie Redman

Paint: Old White & Versaille by Annie Sloan