Chinese New Year lantern & fresh floral fashion tutorial

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Chinese NY Lantern

Happy Chinese New Year to you all.  Firstly I wanted to share with you this lovely photograph by Hunter Rae featuring some Chinese  lanterns which I gave a fun floral makeover for a portfolio shoot we collaborated on. I customised the lanterns using gerberas and mimosa which I attached using Oasis floral adhesive. 

Today's fresh floral fashion tutorial is really easy and quick to make. You can get tassels from Chinatown or any good haberdashery shop and if you can't find mimosa you can get a similar look with solidago which is a yellow flower. If you wanted to make something similar in a different palette you could try white gypsophila which would be perfect for weddings or wax flower which comes in lots of pastel colours. 

make chinese NY comb- low res.jpg

What you'll need: 

  • A stem of fresh mimosa

  • Some fine floristry wire

  • A plastic or metal hair comb

  • Scissors

  • 3 tassels

Step 1:

  • Thread the loops of the tassels around the teeth of the combs.

  • Cut the stem of mimosa into small sprigs.

Step 2:

  • Hold one sprig of mimosa across the top of the comb.

  • Wrap the fine floristry wire around the stem and top comb edge, weaving it between the comb's teeth.

  • Add one more sprig facing the same direction and continue wrapping the wire in the same way.

  • Continue until the whole length of the comb is covered in mimosa.

What to wear it with? 

For those of you lucky enough to be able to buy couture (a girl can dream), Schiaparelli's Spring 2017 collection featured lots of yellow and gold and had lovely nods to China that would look amazing with this comb. 

Floral Fashion: Clea Broad

Photography: Hunter Rae Photography

Styling: Andie Redman

Paint: Emperor's Silk by Annie Sloan