Pizza Express Romana Banquet

Floral Styling, StylingClea BroadComment

For this latest Pizza Express event I was asked by Lucre PR to style a terrace and table in Belgravia to feel like an al fresco Italian banquet. The purpose of the event was to highlight the less well known Pizza Express Romana range for the press.

I was given the theme of navy and gold to tie in with the packaging. I used navy linen and gold accents in the form of cutlery and lanterns. I also customised the packaging to create sleeves for the napkins (tied at the back with ribbon) so that every member of press could see the branding and the words ‘Romana Pizza’ and ‘Extra thin base’ on their plate which was the key message Pizza Express was trying to convey. On top of each napkin in the sleeve was also menu and a sprig of rosemary, onto which was tied with thin gold ribbon a name tag for each guest. The whole affair balanced elegant banquet with informal dining so that it felt special but relaxed.

For the floristry element I suggested using mainly foliage to steer away from it feeling too much like a wedding. Instead I concentrated on foliage that was native to Italy (olive branches), that also smelt nice (eucalyptus) and was used in Italian cooking (rosemary). For a floral accent I used wax flower (chamelaucium) a small native flower that like all the foliage I used fares well out of water in warm weather.

Extra touches included fairy lights in the cypress trees, lanterns dotted around the terrace and pile of blankets for guests to use after the sun went down so the party could continue after dark.