Emily & Jono's Wedding

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Is is always lovely to get tagged on Instagram and discover someone wearing one of my headpieces. Even lovelier when you discover that a beautiful bride has walked down the aisle in one of your designs in a wedding that looks like it's straight out of a Hollywood movie. 

Photographer Izzy Hudgins shot the Georgia wedding of Emily and Jono and the bride was wearing one of my silk hydrangea flower headbands. I love the way the traditional white colour of the headpiece and Alice Temperley dress work with the beautiful bright coloured summer flowers. 

EmilyJono-317 High.jpg

I sometimes get brides who are worried about the mix of silk and real flowers, concerned that they will be at odds with each other. I think this wedding proves that they can work in harmony together, especially when they are different styles and colours and not attempting to be identical. Some of the advantages of a silk headpiece are being able to try it on before the big day,  the peace of mind knowing it won't wilt if it is a hot day and being able to keep it and pass it down to future generations.

If you are a bride-to-be,  please feel free to get in touch to discuss your own bridal headpiece.