Do you want to see the bespoke floral fashion I made for Sophie?

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I really love to make bespoke floral fashion pieces. Why? Partly because I get to bring your personality to life. But also because I know how annoying it is when you are looking for something specific and you can only find things which are almost, but not quite right, for example the right size but wrong colour.  I want my floral fashion to be completely right for you so you can stop searching. 

When Sophie Benson's name was randomly selected from my mailing list to win a piece of bespoke floral fashion, the first thing I did was email her some questions which would help me put together some tailor made ideas:

  1. Are we going to create a crown, comb or headband?
  2. Would you like something statement or subtle?
  3. Is there a particular occasion you'd like to wear it to?
  4. Have you got a colour palette in mind? 
  5. Do you prefer brights, neutrals, pastels or a mixture?

Now, I'm going to be honest with you, I wasn't surprised that Sophie came back to me wanting a piece of bright floral fashion as her Instagram bio states she is a 'full time colour enthusiast' (how great is that as a manifesto?!). Sophie is a stylist I lent some accessories to for a shoot a few years back and although we've never met in person, I'm a aware of her unique personal style via social media and her great fashion blog 'Colours May Vary'.

Sophie got back to me with the following wishes:

I’ll take a comb I think please. I love bright colours but would like to keep it on the smaller side if possible. No occasion in mind - just dreaming of summery hairstyles!
— Sophie Benson

I put together and emailed Sophie a few ideas I had for flowers and colour combinations. I always give my clients the chance to tweak my ideas, whether it be the colours, or the flowers or the overall style. But in this instance Sophie was completely happy  with the first colour combination. It's always a good sign when your client is instinctively drawn to your first choice. too. The resulting comb is small but bursting with colour and versatile as it is punchy enough for a party or festival but still small enough to wear every day. 

As always, I hope Sophie enjoys wearing her piece of floral fashion as much as I enjoyed making it for her.