Laha Magazine: Floral Fashion + Statement Specs = Adorable

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I have a lot of very short sighted friends who consider their glasses a bit of an embarrassment or something they only wear when they're in casual mode. They wouldn't dream of wearing their specs on a night out or to a party or wedding.  I've never given it much thought as a non-glasses wearer until now. But then an editorial for Laha magazine came out featuring my floral fashion headpieces and I was suddenly completely smitten with glasses and awake to how fabulous they are. As I creep closer towards 40 I'm anticipating the need for reading glasses any day now and whilst the thought doesn't fill my heart with joy (not breaking or losing them will be a challenge for a start) the silver lining will be getting to choose some killer frames.

I just can't get over how amazing floral fashion looks with glasses, throw in some plaits, prints and some high necked blouses and you too could look next level adorable as demonstrated by stylist Natalie Read and photographer Helen McArdle. 

Last year I made a bespoke order flower crown for a bride named Vicky. She looked super cool in her wedding photos for 2 reasons, firstly her pink hair worked amazing with the antique blush and pinky-red hydrangeas she chose, but secondly, she wore her glasses. This was probably seen by some, including other glasses wearers, as a totally radical thing to do. As a result she looks stunning. There is an authenticity about it that says, 'I may be the bride, but I'm still me'. 

So here's my manifesto. Wear your glasses with pride ladies and gentlemen, and why not try them with a bit of floral fashion?