Seedlip 'Garden 108' Sculpture

Floral Styling, PropsClea Broad

Garden 108  launch at Little Social, Jason Atherton's Pollen Street restaurant featuring my Hare sculpture. 

Photograph by Brian Whar.

At the end of last year I read about a new drink called Spice 94 by Seedlip. I was drawn to the product because it was such an innovative concept branded as the first distilled non-alcoholic drink. It was also very intriguing, as it was created using a recipe from the Art of Distillation published in London in 1651. I was also inspired by the beautiful label which featured an illustration of a fox's head made from the ingredients. I love making things from natural materials, so my initial thought was how much I would love to bring the illustration to life, by turning it into a sculpture or a headpiece. It reminded me of pieces I've made in the past, such as the pictured bark skull and  dried flower crowns.

I got in touch with Ben Branson the founder of Seedlip to say I'd love to meet up to discuss ideas, which we did. I immediately took a liking to him, as he's a really warm  and interesting man. We both have an interest in art and nature and where the two cross over. I love this quote from the Seedlip website:  

"Mother Earth is gracious, precious and ingenious. In honour of this wild and natural world, the finest ingredients are harvested and individually distilled to capture nature's true spirt"

Fast forward a few months and when Seedlip were ready to launch their second drink, Garden 108, they asked me to bring the new label to life in the form of a sculpture. The label depicts the illustrated head of a hare made from the ingredients of the drink which are hops, hay, mint, thyme, rosemary and peas, so in turn this is what I made the sculpture out of, surrounded by a copper wire frame to echo the copper foiling on the label. Ben liked the idea of it appearing to be growing, so the whole sculpture sat on a trunk and moss covered plinth. 

Having tried both of the Seedlip drinks I can certainly say they are delicious. I look forward to seeing what they create next, and hope to be able to create more pieces for them in the future.