Aecorn Aperitifs Assets: Bottle Display

PropsClea BroadComment

Aecorn Aperitifs approached me to make this wooden asset for their live events, including the launch party and various festivals this summer. It is designed to sit on the bar or table and display the 3 different products they offer. The brief was to reference Aecorn’s ingredients and branding. The oak acorn is an ingredient that runs through their products and the leaf features on their labels so I used oak wood with a waney edge for the structure. The packaging also features butterflies and brass detailing, so I painted feather butterflies with acrylic paint to reference this.

The Tootsie Rollers at Ascot: Frida Kahlo

Fashion, Floral Fashion, Millinery, PressClea BroadComment

For Royal Ascot 2019 retro singing group the Tootsie Rollers wanted each day to be a tribute to a female icon. This look was inspired by Frida Kahlo. They wanted a look that referenced the flowers Kahlo wore in her hair, but more dramatic to make a statement. Using the mustard dress they were all wearing as a starting point, I created 5 individual palettes which worked together but gave each member her own look. I mixed faux flowers in pinks, purples, peach and teal with contrasting pom poms and created headbands where the flowers arched over the head with a large dramatic cluster of flowers. To finish off the outfits I created matching faux flower rings for each of the Tootsies.

This look, worn on day 1 of Royal Ascot, got the band press online with the Evening Standard, The Telegraph and the Evening Express. Each year the The Tootsie Rollers sing at Royal Ascot throughout the week.

Hare masks for Seedlip

CostumeClea BroadComment

This May the Seedlip marketing team took to the streets once more to promote Garden 108, handing out free samples. They asked me to make more hare masks (the hare features on the label), and I created this revised version for them. Once again the copper detailing and moss remained as alongside the colour palette it is reflective of the branding.